Sunday Reading

Reading time has been in short supply this week. I have not picked up a book the entire week. “Working” at Republican Part HQ, a trip out of town to visit Mountain Man and taking advantage of some reasonably good weather has about used me up.

I did, however, read “Setting up the TS-590S/SG for FT8 Operations“. Short and to the point, as such things usually are, it’s indispensable if you own a Kenwood TS-590S/SG and you’re trying to get Joe Taylor’s WSJT-X working. Along with some help from a couple of ham friends, it still took almost 3 hours to get it all working correctly. Still, I now have the ability do use the many modes this software supports.

I hope to read something more substantial in the coming week, but the weather is supposed to be classic Indian Summer. I’d love to sit on the deck and spend some of it reading, but there is work to be done (isn’t there always) before cold weather moves in for the winter.

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