In case you need a reminder

Yesterday there was a “Liberty or Death” rally in Seattle, organized by Washington 3 Percenters and Patriot Prayer. During this rally those groups were attacked by Leftist protesters and a number of folks were left injured.

Fortunately, this wasn’t in Portland and the Seattle PD moved quickly to stop the fighting.

Arguments about the wisdom, or lack thereof. in attending these events aside, I hope you can see past the irony here and realize that the Left has made their choice when it comes to “Liberty or Death”, at least when it comes to the Right/Conservatives/label of your choice.

They’ve chosen “Death”.

This shouldn’t surprise you, given the track record of leftist movements and governments throughout history.

If you haven’t getting ready for a civil war, you’re behind the curve. Time to catch up.

3 thoughts on “In case you need a reminder

  1. Faux News sez "access denied". Sigh.

    In related news, I saw a u-tube video of body armor that stopped a .50 cal. And it is so light that it floats!

  2. I found a new link to the report and have changed it. I think Fox News doen't like me linking to their stories.

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