Those who fail to learn from history

Even though I lately worked for one, I’m really learning to hate universities. By and large, they seem to have become bastions of the worst that leftism has to offer.

This morning, this came floating in over the transom. It’s a Wired Magazine article, entitled “Meet The Antifa’s Secret Weapon Against Right-Wing Extremists”.

As you read the article, you find that the secret weapon wasn’t quite so secret. A leftist Elon University computer science professor has taken it upon herself to maintain a database she populates with the names of those she deems to be “dangerous right-wingers”. She shares information this with groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and other “selected activists she trusts” so that they can take action as they see appropriate. Wired thinks this is all wonderful.

Yeah, let that sink in for a minute.

The Nazis had a list of all the gun owners and of all Jews. Stalin has lists of every class of person, every skill. The Khmer Rouge had lists of the intellectuals, the teachers, the local officials. Being on these lists didn’t end well for these people. Previous generations in the US have fought against our government to keep it from having such lists and from accessing such seemingly innocuous lists such as what books we check out from a library or what videos we watch. If I can judge from the picture in the article, the generation following mine has forgotten all those things. If history is any lesson, they will relearn it the hard way.

Michael Bane has often noted on his podcast that the other side hates us and several times he has said they want to see us dead. I have hoped that it wasn’t quite so bad as the latter, but it really looks like I’m wrong. Barring a miracle, we are, as a nation, sliding down the slippery slope toward civil war. Hot heads, extremists and simple fools on all sides will ensure that it happens. People like Dr. Megan Squire of Elon University are going to see to it, sure of the rightness of their actions. When it comes, they will be the first to celebrate. As the destruction escalates, they will party harder. And when they are lead to their turn at the wall, or the block, or the guillotine, they will cry out about the injustice of it all, sure that they were right, that this is some horrible cosmic mistake and that history will vindicate them.

It won’t. It never does. They’ve forgotten that lesson, too.

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