Gangs are going for more firepower

(Via the Drudge Report)

In the gun-controlled paradise that is Chicago, street gangs are upping their game, moving from pistols to long guns to fight their never-ending turf wars. I’m sure you’re as shocked as I am. Chicago authorities blame, among others, Indiana and its “lax gun laws”.

I’ve been writing a lot in the last few days about what I’m calling the potential for a “long hot summer” and others are calling the Second American Civil War. I don’t see this as a “proper” civil war, because it’s going to be multi-sided, and the sides will vary depending on where you are. In a metro area like Chicago, there may be 10, 15 or even 20 sides, all vying to control a piece of the urban pie. I think the long hot summer will tell us if there is a civil ware or not and just how bad we can expect things to be.

If things turn bad, if there really is a Second American Civil War–and signs are starting to point toward it–there will be what may appear to be pseudo-random reactions from the Powers That Be. Some will be intelligently thought out and some far less so as our governmental agencies flail about trying to control the situation.

You will need to be ready for these just as you will need to be ready for the events that prompt them. I would not say that it is impossible or even unlikely for places like Chicago to attempt door-to-door sweeps attempting to confiscate firearms or food or whatever the authorities, legally constituted or otherwise, have deemed that you should not have.

Something more to take into account as you move forward with your planning and into your implementation.

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