Just checking in. While there is much going on, both in the world, our country and my life, there isn’t a thing that I honestly care to talk much about. I’m working on things around the house and watching entirely too many history, tool and how-to videos on YouTube. I don’t know if it’s the summer heat of the monotonous drumbeat of a society that seems hell-bent for destruction, but I feel nothing really merits much discussion at this point.

Mark my words, either later this even or tomorrow something will happen that prompts a post. It always does when I put up one of these “Not dead yet!” posts.

2 thoughts on “Ho-hum

  1. On that same vein, lately I have been watching horseshoeing videos. It is something that I had zero experience with. Turns out it's pretty interesting.

  2. Fer Dog's sake man, stop posting the "ain't dead yet" stuff. For the children, y'know. OTOH, the media always needs grist for the mill…

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