A question for the masses

For those of you who use Sitemeter, do you trust the statistics it generates?

The reason I ask is that I’m seeing huge differences between what it reports and what Blogger’s built-in stats reports in terms page views and so on. Based on Sitemeter’s numbers I’m just about talking to myself, but Blogger says I have a decent audience out there for my ramblings and rantings. Based on Sitemeter, I have an average audience of around 70 people per day. Blogger puts the number about 3x-4x higher. Yes I know that either is still kind of small, but in essence this is done for me. I appreciate that anyone at all stops by, but I’m still curious about how many, and I value accuracy in all things.

When you also add to that that the Sitemeter code adds time to the page load (sometimes by a lot), I’m really considering dropping it. You folks have any thoughts on the matter?

2 thoughts on “A question for the masses

  1. Comparing same day traffic, Sitemeter 'misses' about 20% of traffic logged on StatCounter.

  2. I don't use sitemeter, but I know one area that usually skews results is if they count visits from the blow owner. I mainly use Google Analytics and it's set to remove my browsing of my own blog so that only visitors are measured.

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