The head RINO is running a bit…scared

(Via the Drudge Report)

Arizona Sen. John McCain, the Republicans’ standard-bearer in 2008, is facing a surprisingly strong primary challenge from the right, evidence that even party leaders aren’t safe from the swell of conservative activism heading into the 2010 midterm elections.

McCain has worked to get his presumptive primary opponent, JD Hayworth, off the air as he protested his radio show. He’s getting Scott Brown and Sarah Palin to stump for him (which costs them both points with me) and he’s trying his best to voice what I will call a “conservative mating call”.

Let’s hope Arizona voters recognize a phony conservative when they hear one.

3 thoughts on “The head RINO is running a bit…scared

  1. It costs points with me, too. I assume Sarah's endorsement is in advance for McCain's and she is foolish to accept a promise from that man.
    John McCain (and all the Vietnam POWs) deserve something just under the Medal of Honor, but as a person, John McCain is a tin-plated sonuvabitch. I wrote-in Sarah Palin.

  2. It'd be just simply wonderful 'payback' if Sarah got into the fray just to show how chicken-shit shallow McCain is. I, for one, would truly love seeing her stick it to him.
    Shy III

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