The last gasp of a dying media

That’s what this story from Wired looks like.

Righthaven LLC has struck a deal with Arkansas-based WEHCO Media to expand its copyright litigation campaign, in which bloggers and aggregators across the country are being sued on allegations of infringement.So BottomFeederhaven has found another group that buys into their extortion racket. The stupid thing is that we bloggers are driving traffic to their web sites by exposing their stories to a wider audience, which helps them stay in business. Real smart.

It’s enough that I am considering whether or not I should sanitize media quotes through all the posts on this blog. I’m relatively sure I haven’t quoted or linked to any of the two current clients of BottomFeederhaven, but who know who they might sign up tomorrow?

I’m always careful to respect the copyrights of others, and I’m fairly certain that everything I’ve done should be OK under concept of “fair use”. However, since there is no hard and fast definition of the term, you really don’t know until it goes to court.

This is worth all bloggers keeping an eye on.

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