I’ve stayed off this particular subject

But after a conversation with a neighbor yesterday, I do feel that I need to point out that the Stupid Party needs to stay off social issues–period. They are losers for them and for us. Stick to a message about reigning in the government to Constitutional limits and getting spending back into line, maintaining our borders, personal responsibility and so on and you’ll win every time (outside of the big leftist enclaves we know as “metropolitan areas”).

Start talking about abortion, “family values” and similar nonsense, and you’re going to lose. I think it’s because people understand that, in essence, they’re being hypocrites. You can’t be for personal responsibility and want to mandate various moral issues via the force of law.

One thought on “I’ve stayed off this particular subject

  1. Couldn't agree with you more. There are only 2 things preventing my return to the republican party. The idiots who preach libertarianism with a nanny state approach to my soul and how they just won't stop giving tax breaks to billionaires.

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