Obligatory Summertime Public Service Post

Yes, it isn’t summer according to the calendar, but at 89o and some unknown but high humidity, it may as well be.

Son and I were off to the range today for a bit of shotgunnin’ fun. While we took drinks and sunscreen with us, Son decided that he wasn’t going to drink anything because “He wasn’t thirsty.” You can see this coming, right?

I scored the last round shot; I honestly don’t think he’s ever shot a score that low. The heat and lack of hydration got to him. I promptly got the truck started and the AC cooling, and packed him up. At home, it was rest and Gatorade.

No permanent harm, not really any short term harm done. He’s dandy. But this points out a little something we all need to remember in the summer heat, no matter what reason we’re out in it.

Hydration is your friend. Pass it on.

2 thoughts on “Obligatory Summertime Public Service Post

  1. Very true! Two years ago I went cutting wood with a buddy on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year. We started out early in the day, but eventually the heat ended up getting to me. I have to say that for years I was told that you should always just drink water to cool yourself down. We had a good supply of ice cold water. But at one point I overdid it and was feeling pretty cruddy even after sitting down in the shade for a while. My buddy wanted me to put a towel over my head and pour some ice water on it. I was very skeptical as I'd heard that you should just wipe off sweat and let perspiration do it's thing.

    But I trusted this guy. Hell, who else who you go out and run chainsaws with but someone who you trust? So I gave it a shot. It brought me back like nothing else I've ever felt. So sometimes the scientific advice, or the advice of drill instructors, can be just a bunch of BS.

  2. I go through 24 oz of water for every hour of bike riding I do in weather like this. People who don't get outdoors much can't believe this. People who try riding with me usually end up borrowing some water before the end of the ride.

    I supose it's possible to drink too much water, but it's never happened to me.

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