Another happy ending

An alert, armed Charlotte NC homeowner ends another choir boy’s crime spree.

Larry Whitmore got a surprise when he pulled into his driveway Saturday in south Charlotte’s Park Crossing neighborhood and saw his garage door open, and his pickup truck starting to back out.

Nobody was supposed to be home, so Whitmore guessed right – someone was trying to steal his vehicle, according to police.

Whitmore pulled his Jeep to the garage door, blocking the person in the truck from getting away. Then he got a shotgun and held the man at bay in the garage until police arrived about five minutes later.

(Please understand that I’m not trying to beat up on the CMPD when I say this, but note it took 5 minutes for the police to show up after his 911 call. Folks, that’s a long time to wait, hold a guy at the point of a gun. A lot of things could happen–he could decide to fight you, he could try to run, his buddies you didn’t see could show up. These scenarios are all worth thinking through now in the comfort of your where-you-are-now before you find yourself in this situation.)

Well done, Mr. Whitmore. Well done.

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