I hope you’re enjoying Alito’s nomination as much as I am

I took the day off to accomplish a few things around The Freehold, so I’ve been able to pretty much keep up with the evolution of President Bush’s nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court from this morning’s announcement to this evening’s too predictable media silliness.

I’m going to make a few observations. First, even though a bunch of people around the blogosphere and elsewhere have been diligently researching his legal record, I think it’s still a bit early to rejoice in any direction.

Second, it does seem to appear that the President has suddenly remembered just exactly who the dickens voted for him in the last election. About freakin’ time, too.

Third, the denizens of Liberal Land are already frothing at the mouth that Judge Alito is “out of the mainstream”, a “right wing ideologue” and is probably single-handedly responsible for global warming as well.

Expect this to be an entertaining few weeks.

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