I simply can’t imagine why

Already wary of the federal government, Americans have grown even more critical, less trusting and even fearful of Uncle Sam since President Barack Obama took office, according to an exhaustive new study being released today.

The poll found Americans not only rejecting the idea of an activist government, but a growing number urging that its power be curtailed. The findings seem to reinforce the anti-big-government message of tea party rallies and suggest anew that incumbents face a strong headwind in this fall’s elections.

Good Lord, where do you start? Obama isn’t the first idiot in the White House, he’s simply the last in a long line of statist SOBs who have occupied the place. Bush, Clintion, Bush, even the honored Reagan to some extent and so on back to Washington himself–they’ve all either allowed or encouraged the beast to grow beyond its Constitutional limits.

The thing that worries me is that it has taken over 200 years to get to this point, Is it going to take over 200 years to roll it back–to confine the beast to its cage? Can we do it?

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