“Atlas Shrugged” was a Warning, not a Manual: The Equalization of Opportunity Act

I’ve titled this particular post “The Equalization of Opportunity Act”, because that is what they really want. Local example:

“The ultimate point of this is that 1 percent of the nation holds a vast majority of the money,” said Joe Wood, 21, a student from Charlotte who plans to protest through the week. “

In their world view, you can only be allowed just so much wealth, then it must be confiscated and redistributed so that others can have wealth. They don’t understand that wealth is not finite, but infinite, dependent on only the sum of the abilities and efforts of us all, and that it can’t be given–only earned.

Of course, when you lack ability and aren’t willing to put out the effort, you aren’t going to have wealth–you’re going to find yourself living in a tent behind the former city hall. Fortunately it’s going to be cool and rainy tomorrow, so I suspect the protestors will be back in their dorm rooms and their parents’ homes, raiding the refrigerator.

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