No, they won’t hamstring you

They’ll be glad to settle for cutting you off at the knees, I suspect.

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency has disputed claims by some South Carolina leaders that new federal climate rules will hamstring the state’s small businesses, The State newspaper reported Monday.

“Not while I’m head of the EPA,” EPA chief Lisa P. Jackson said before an environmental justice conference in Columbia Sunday. “I don’t know where that comes from, except that people are rightly afraid of stuff they don’t understand.”

My expectation is that if you do anything other than breathing that puts carbon dioxide into the air, you’re going to be subject to the new rules promulgated by the minions of Obama.

And I wouldn’t bet on the breathing thing, now that I think of it.

1 thought on “No, they won’t hamstring you

  1. The EPA, or Nixon's mistake as I call it, should be done away with.

    It does nothing but get in the way, is unconstitutional – seeing that this sort of regulations should be handled by the states, not the fed.

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