And here goes the PG-13 rating right out the window again

Former President Clinton on Sunday broadened his warning that Tea Party protesters could feed violence reminiscent of the Oklahoma City bombing, suggesting “right-wing media” and the blogosphere could be culpable for any future politically fueled extremism as well.

I suppose that the adult thing would be to write a long piece detailing just how foolish these sorts of statements are, especially in light of the sorts of things the left-wing media and bloggers have said about us–we’re Nazis, we hate the poor and wish they would die and reduce the surplus population and so on.

However, I’m not feeling particular adult right now. So I’m just going to give forth with a hearty and heart-felt…

Fuck you, asshole.

1 thought on “And here goes the PG-13 rating right out the window again

  1. Ditto on the sentiment.

    Bill is just trying to get back in the spot light, and reclaim his old glory of yonder years.

    He believes that free speech only belongs to the progressives, and not those who disagree with them.

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