Unclear on the concept of “employable”

(Via Survivalblog)

I am not unemployable. I have a master’s of fine arts and spent two years in the Peace Corps. (BugMeNot is your friend.)

Jennifer Williams apparently thinks that this fine resume, plus “I worked my way through college as a baby sitter, sandwich-maker, camp craft director and nursing-home aide” should be enough to guarantee her a nice condo with a view of Central Park.

I’m reminded of the scene in “The Secret of My Success” when Michael J. Fox’s character is interviewing for a job and is told he lacks experience, as he has only a college degree in business and no actual work experience. “But why did I go to college?” he asks the interviewer plaintively. “Had fun, didn’t you?”

Jennifer, I hope you had fun doing the MFA and Peace Corps thing. You might want to consider falling back on the “nursing home aide” experience, though, as the market for those with “theory and personal vision” is a bit…gone…these days. Remember, there’s always a lot of demand for those who will do a dirty but necessary job.

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