What you can do this week

John M. Snyder, Public Affairs Director of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, says “gun owners are getting riled up and politicians are noticing it.”

And it’s about time, too. Not just that it’s time for the politicians to notice that 90 million voters are pissed, but for the gun owners to be pissed.

Gun owners have a bad habit. We see an assault on our civil rights, and we grumble and gripe to each other, either in the firearms press or on the various gun boards. Most of us fail to complain where it will do some good–Congress.

A lot of our fellow gun owners think that it’s too late, or that politicians don’t listen or something similar. Allow me to belabor the dead horse again–no it isn’t and yes they do. It isn’t too late to work inside the system to protect our rights. Yes, politicians do listen, if you’re loud enough and persistent enough.

Last week, I put up this post, detailing who needed to be emailed to help stop Eric Holder from becoming Attorney General. The Mountain Man added more information in the comments on how to make it happen easily.

Right here and right now we have a chance to hand The Big O and those who would take away our rights a “great big smack upside the head”. I’ve emailed every one of the member of the Judiciary Committee, plus my senators. Have you joined me? No? Then you need to take some time and get on the job. Now.

If we can derail this nomination, we will take an incalculable amount of momentum away from the Obama Express, which can only be a Good Thing. It will help slow down the rest of his neo-socialist agenda, and help set the stage for a resurgence in conservatism.

So get out of the wagon and help those of us who are doing all the pulling. Email the member of the Judiciary Committee now.

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