I have kept silent on a lot of subjects lately, partly because my time for blogging is currently limited, partly because others are handling them better than my currently limited time allows and partly because I don’t have anything new and/or useful to contribute.

Case in point–Iran. While my sympathies are with those trying to get rid of the current whatever-the-hell-ocracy they’re saddled with, I’m very aware that it isn’t our fight, and that anything we do (and most of what we don’t do) can be used to give us yet more international nuggies, which we currently don’t need. My urge is to say “Hey, let’s get the heck in there and help these folks out!”, but I understand that our current military is stretched thin and we as a country are saddled with political leadership that can best be termed “amatuerish” on its good days. (Hey, “you people” voted for him–how’s all that Change workin’ for ya?)

But, as I said, others are covering this far better than I can. Major Chuck knows what he’d do, and all things considered, I’d advise folks to see what he says. It makes sense to me. It lets us help without making promises we can’t keep. We give the good guys a leg up without indulging in the thankless task of “nation building”. Lots of upside for both sides, lots of downside for the mullahs.

I like it.

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