Monsters on Halloween

Jim Rawles at SurvivalBlog has been warning about this for a long time. I kept hoping that he overstating the problem, but an increasing incidence of stories like this are telling me that that hope was in vain.

The house was first held up Monday night. NewsChannel 36 spoke exclusively with the Deadmon family after the first home invasion. They told us how the robbers forced them to open the safe at gunpoint. They reported the robbery to police, and they believe that’s why the suspects returned.

“He told my husband they had come back to kill,” Sherry Deadmon said, speaking for her husband Randy, who has a disability that affects his speech.

As always, I’m sure there is much more to the story, such as why this particular family was targeted. But the lesson to take away from this has two parts. Part One is that “Yes Virginia, there are monsters.” Part Two is that when you encounter them, be prepared.

The family had placed several shotguns around the house because of Monday’s crime.

“No one needs to carry a gun at home. What are you–paranoid or something?”

Not yet, but I’m getting there.

When police arrived at the home, they found one man shot in the garage. He was wearing black clothing, a black mask and a bulletproof vest.Ya got that last part, right? All of us had better let that one sink in deeply. These aren’t unsubstantiated rumors floating about the Intertubz any longer. Yes, the bad guys are wearing body armor. They are armed, armored and deadly serious.

We, the armed citizenry, need to become deadly serious as well. Time to start practicing those “failure to stop” drills, or as G. Gordon Liddy once said in another context, “Head shots! Head shots!” Don’t have your concealed carry permit? Get it. Don’t practice? Start.

There are monsters out there, and not just on Halloween.

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