Not what you need on a Sunday morning

Gun Glut

No, not the kind a gunny would like to see–lot of interesting guns at low prices. This is the liberal/progressive/whatever sort of gun glut:

There are too many handguns in circulation, and these weapons must be more tightly regulated.

OK, there’s a back story. A Winston Salem police officer, Sgt. Howard Plouff, was shot and killed in the line of duty. A wife and family are left behind. The whole thing stinks, and emotions are, as you’d expect, running high.

However, rather than reporting on the story, the gun grabbers at the Winston Salem Journal are using it in an attempt to move forward their anti-gun agenda. Here are a few of the predictable quotes:

No doubt, people would keep on killing under tighter handgun regulations, but the number of killings would almost certainly drop.

…does any one person need that many handguns?
There should be tighter regulations limiting the number of handguns a person can buy in a single month.
And of course, the ever popular

We’re all for the Second Amendment, especially as it pertains to sporting arms, whether for uses such as target practice or hunting.

But that does not mean that there should be no restrictions; most people, for example, have no good reason to own an assault rifle that is designed to kill a number of people quickly.

Yeah, we all know exactly how wrong they are, but we’re going to have to tell them. I could use your help on my little project. At the bottom of the page, there is a place where you can comment. You may do so with some anonymity, but of course, bet that your IP address is logged. If you decide to post, please remember the entire situation, and word your reply with some care.


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