Busy, busy, busy

Like has gotten hectic, but not so hectic that I don’t have time to put this news from Grass Roots NC in front of you.

Remember our gun grabber friend Sen. Julia Bozeman, author of several bills to infringe on our Second Amendment freedoms? Well, it’s not enough for her to try to repeal the concealed carry law for real guns. (Well, she doesn’t want to actually repeal it, you understand. She just want to make the list of off-limits place so long that the law is worthless. Just like her.) Oh no, my friends, now she wants to make it against the law for kids to carry concealed toy guns.

The dangerous thing about this is that it makes a sort of twisted sense. A kid, especially a teenager, carrying some of the AirSofts I’ve seen, could be mistaken for someone up to no good.

However, it’s a bad law, because it makes no differentiation between innocent kids’ playing in their backyard and Joe Gangsta-Wannabe down in the hood who is out to make someone think he has a real gun. It creates another law where enforcement is left open to the interpretation and discretion (or lack thereof) of police and prosecutors. Given some of their recent actions in this state, I’m not comfortable with that, and you shouldn’t be, either.

Tell Sen. Bozeman to go back to the drawing board and try again. Her contact information is here.

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