Faking it

While looking at the Shatner piece, I noticed this on the sidebar:

Why womenshouldfake orgasms

Being a guy, this is guaranteed to attract my attention. However, the content itself is rather interesting. Fay Weldon is touted as one of Britain’s best known feminists. Now I don’t know if this is truth or one of those tongue-in-cheek English puns, so take the following quotes with a grain of salt. As for myself, I will note that I see more than a bit of truth and wisdom in them.

  • So the brutal answer as to what makes women happy is ‘Nothing, not for more than ten minutes at a time.’
  • Guilt is stronger in women than in men, which is rather unfair. But what you are after is happiness, not fairness, so best accept it.
  • In males, the instinct for love and the need for sexual gratification overlap, but do not necessarily coincide.

And before I dig myself into an even deeper hole with the opposite sex, that will be enough of that….

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