The Brady Bunch’s collective (ist) heads have just exploded

(Via Survivalblog)

Someone, with rather more time and machinist skills than I, and probably considerably more discretionary income as well, has decided to one-up all those nice folks who want to ban guns above .50 caliber (and yes, Elmer, that means shotguns, too).

Meet the 14.9 SOP. A necked down 20mm Vulcan cartridge that will deliver the mail and the truck it came in on, at ranges that will require some interesting optics to work at. While the inventor says it’s just an experiment and isn’t available for sale, what one man can do, so can another.

One thought on “The Brady Bunch’s collective (ist) heads have just exploded

  1. I think I would need ear plugs in addition to my ear muffs to even be on the range when that thing is fired. I would love to see how it groups at 1000 meters, 1500 meters and 2000 meters though.

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