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As Captain Kirk he vowed to boldly go where no man had gone before, but away from the TV screen actor William Shatner is a little less adventurous – reportedly turning down a real-life space flight because he was too scared.

Ah, come on, Bill. Be a man! Sir Richard Branson has offered you the chance to be the first person to ride his new “airline to space” and you’re wimping out?
The 75-year-old actor said: “I’m interested in man’s march into the unknown but to vomit in space is not my idea of a good time. Neither is a fiery crash with the vomit hovering over me.”

Dude, vomit is a fact of life. As for the fiery crash, trust me, you’ll never know it happened.

Sir Richard, if you will take someone a bit less famous, The Freeholder is ready, willing and able to make the sacrifices required to take the trip. Leave a message in the comments.

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