The latest law enforcement transgression

You knew that Oshkosh, Wisconsin wouldn’t be the end of it, didn’t you? Now a California Sheriff has taken advantage of a registration database to locate and question the owners of a certain unspecified sort of gun, which was used recently in a murder.

Bruce, who asked that only his first name be used, wouldn’t divulge the make or caliber of the weapons, saying detectives asked him not to reveal that information.

He said he cooperated with investigators because he wants the killings of Jason Allen and Lindsay Cutshall to be solved. But he also believes that he was unfairly questioned simply for being listed in government records on gun owners.

“If this is going to help them, great,” he said. “But while they’re in here, they’re asking, ‘Hey, you got anything illegal we need to know about? No, except for the meth lab in my bathroom.’ C’mon guys. This is a fishing expedition.”

Another reason not to live in the People’s Republic of California–if you really need another.

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