The AWB is coughing up blood

After 10 long years of “The Evil Black Guns That Scare Us Ban” (also known as the 1994 Assualt Weapons Ban), the end is near. Monday, September 13 will mark the date that this silly piece of feel-good legislation will pass into history. Let’s all wish it a “good riddance to bad rubbish”.

Of course, the gun grabbers are going to try to make the most of it to further their agenda of stealing our liberties. A few choice quotes for you to do a slow burn over…

Police said on Wednesday that assault weapons would flood the streets if the ban was allowed to expire. This from the Sidney (Australia) Morning Herald. Yes, Australia, land of the complete gun ban and climbing crime rates. I don’t suppose there could be a connection between gun ownership and crime, could there?

That rat-tat-tat-tat you hear is the sound of the lethal weapons President George W. Bush is about to hand over to drug dealers, street gangs – even terrorists. This piece of wisdom from Marie Cocco, a commentator. Spare me, lady. If the crooks want a gun, they can get whatever they want and for cheaper prices than those of us who buy legally.

Despite the continued push by top law-enforcement officials this week, it’s become clear the federal assault weapons ban will expire on its 10th anniversary Monday. This is reported by the Fresno (CA) Bee. Looks to me like our top cops aren’t all that protective of our civil rights. What a surprise…

Be vigilant for last minute moves to attach a renewal to some piece of “must pass” legislation. Be even more vigilant for a “Son of AWB”, which I suspect will be coming after the November election.

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