Media bias? Say it aint so!

(Via Usenet)

Media Bias Against Guns
John R. Lott, Jr Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute

An impressive (if informal) piece of research on the role of guns used in self defense, and the media’s underreporting of same. Read it quickly, as I expect the link to die at some point in the future.

Top quote:

It is a kind of media archetype story to report on “naturally curious” children shooting themselves or other children – though in the five years from 1997 to 2001 the entire United States averaged only ten cases a year where a child under ten accidentally shot himself or another child.

In contrast, in 2001 bicycles were much more likely to result in accidental deaths than guns. Fully 93 children under the age of ten drowned accidentally in bathtubs. Thirty-six children under five drowned in buckets in 1998. Yet few reporters crusade against buckets or bathtubs.

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