Strange doings in OK?

It’s been sort of lost in the noise generated by the War on Terror, but does anyone remember the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing? You remember–the event that gave rise to so many of Comrade Clinton’s unfortunately successful attacks on our freedoms? Ah, good, I see you do.

Like every other event involving either major loss of life or the loss of a major life (such as Princess Diana), this event has had become surrounded by conspiracy theories of all sorts. Some of the most pervasive are that the FBI and/or BATF (spit) had prior knowledge of the plans and did nothing, so they could use the event to expand their powers.

Normally, I’m not to prone to belief in such things. It seems to me to be human nature to want to see shadows everywhere–probably some sort of hard-wired response from a time when we were the hunted rather than the hunters. In a time when so many people don’t trust the government, this sort of thing should be expected.

But as bombing participant Terry Nichols prepares to face 161 counts of first degree murder in an Oklahoma courtroom, the pretrial discovery process is bringing forth all sorts of interesting news. A small-town newspaper, the McCurtain Daily Gazette has a number of them. WorldNet Daily, one of my daily reads, has been keeping track of the news related to this case since it started. Their archives are a good place to get up to speed. The major media, however, is pretty much ignoring the story. [A) You’re surprised? and B) I guess they’d rather concentrate on promoting Presidential Pretender John “Hari” Kerry (spit).]

I’m not sure exactly what to make of all this just yet. I’m a firm subscriber to Occam’s Razor, and conspiracy theories always violate that. But given some of the things that our own government has perpetrated on us (Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Medicare drug benefit), I’m going to keep a really close eye on this. Expect further posts.

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