Officer Friendly update

(Via Wolfesblog and other sources)

It would seem that Officer Friendly has beensuspended from his position as an undercover officer for the Drug Enforcement Administration. The hoot is that he wasn’t suspended for being armed, stupid and damned lucky for the negligent discharge (ND) of his pistol in a classroom full of kids. He wasn’t suspended for allowing his cover to be blown in front of a class of 4th graders in Orlando, FL. Now wait for it…

He was suspended for videotaping the incident.

Oh yeah, and they’ve launched an investigation to find out who leaked the tape.

This is sheer lunacy. I can see him being suspended for the ND. I can see him suspended for blowing his cover, apparently deliberately. But suspended for videotaping the event for posterity? Pluh-ease! Claire Wolfe and some others think he’s been suspended for embarrassing the DEA, and I tend to agree.

It would would seem that Officer Friendly shot himself in the foot in more ways than one.

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