Kerry on the AWB

Add guns to the list of things Kerry is Klueless about:

Kerry Ties Weapons Sales, Terror Worries

John Kerry linked U.S. assault weapon sales to worries about terrorism Friday and said President Bush was bowing to the National Rifle Association by not pushing to keep alive an expiring ban.

If Bush is serious about fighting terrorism, the Democratic presidential candidate said, he world extend the 10-year ban on sales of 19 kinds of semiautomatic assault weapons, due to expire on Monday.

“In the al-Qaida manual on terror, they were telling people to go out and buy assault weapons, to come to America and buy assault weapons,” Kerry said.

“Every law enforcement officer in America doesn’t want us selling assault weapons in the streets of America,” Kerry said

Jeez, where do I start? Do I launch into an explanation of the history of the Second Amendment? How about the fact that criminals are smart enough to buy guns without going to licensed gun dealers? Or should I begin with the idea that it is far easier (and likely cheaper) to get a real AK in Mexico than it is to buy the semi-auto version in the US?

I think I’ll just be an ignorant redneck instead. It’s easier, quicker and saves me going over what so many others have written before me.

“Kerry, you’re an f’ing pissant. If you had a brain, the thing would rattle inside that thick skull of yours. Go back to your liberal Boston Brahmin buddies and leave the rest of us alone. Jerk.”

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