You gotta love it

There is a growing chorus of yapping, led by the Congressional Black Caucus (you mean they aren’t the hyphenated-American Caucus?) and the braying jackasses of the major media, for yet another US intervention in Haiti.

Now I understand that Haiti is a poor county, and could use some help. Look up the phrase “Third World Hell-Hole” in a dictionary, and it says “See Haiti”. I know that Haiti is a stop for drugs destined for the US, and a source of illegal immigrants. Those are problems that warrant our concern. But we’ve tried to help in Haiti before, and saying we’ve had mixed results is putting it politely.

When we went to Afghanistan and Iraq, these same groups, along with a lot of others, wrung their hands over the issue of obtaining a UN (spit) mandate before we took any unilateral action. Now let me go over that one again–they wanted us to get UN mandate before we went out and whacked the people who aided and abetted those who conducted 9-11.

Now these same groups want unilateral action in Haiti, and damn the UN (spit) mandates. Get in there and prevent a “bloodbath”. Never mind that we’ve seen no evidence of a bloodbath, either occurring or considered. Never mind that bathing in blood, along with various other sorts of inhumanities, are the national sport in such places. Never mind that while we have some legitimate concerns in Haiti, there are probably easier, safer and yes, less expensive ways, in terms of our own blood and treasure, to handle the situation.

I wonder how many muzzles it would take to silence these hypocrites? I’ll pony up for the first gross. Better yet, I think we ought to give these concerned citizens free transportation (I’d offer weapons & ammo, but these morons are also antigun) to Haiti, and let them handle the situation.

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