Urban Renewal for Iraq

We’ll start the morning’s harvest with this from Fox about the killing and mutilation of some of our soldiers in Iraq.

IIRC, the last time this sort of crap happened was Somalia. President Clinton (may sexually transmitted diseases infest him) tucked tail and ran. This cost us much in the eyes of the world and helped form the terrorists’ opinion that if they hit us hard enough we will fold. (Of course if we have a liberal progressive piece of excrement at the helm, we invariably will.)

President Bush, it’s time to stop being compassionate. We don’t need to win their hearts and minds, bring them the gift of democracy or any other such foolishness. We need to teach the terrorists to be frightened out of their wits of us.

Begin this process by leveling 5 square blocks of the center of Malahma–one for each of our dead. Then find the little prick that Fox has “cheering in front of the burning vehicle” and execute him publicly by drowning him in pig’s blood. Announce that further recurrences of this sort of behavior will be met with more stringent measures.

Hours after the attack, the city was quiet. There were no U.S. troops or Iraqi police in the area.

I hope this is so that they won’t be injured when the bombs begin falling. But I doubt it.

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