Everyone else is seeing it

But the United States seems to be mired in a “can’t see the forest for the trees” problem:

Welcome to America

When writer Elena Lappin flew to LA, she dreamed of a sunkissed, laid-back city. But that was before airport officials decided to detain her as a threat to security …

Read the entire article, but let me give you the most important part now.

Somewhere along the way, in the process of trying to develop a foolproof system of protecting itself against genuine threats, the US has lost the ability to distinguish between friend and foe. The price this powerful country is paying for living in fear is the price of its civil liberties.

I remember various members of the media punditry making the observation shortly after 9/11 that if we weren’t careful, we’d do more damage to ourselves than the terrorists ever could. It would seem that they were unfortunately correct.

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