And here we go, on another of life’s little adventures

Sunday night was a delayed Thanksgiving at Daughter’s home. We are all grateful that we’ve come through another year, safe and sound and in mostly good health.

During the meal, Daughter dropped a bomb. It seems she’s pregnant. Mrs. Freeholder cried. Always the practical one, I had to ask “And how pregnated are we?” That elbow hurt. I don’t think she was a sick as she was letting on. The answer is “just coming out of the first trimester”, which is a good sign.

Obviously everyone is happy about the situation. However, given some health issues of her own, this may well be a high risk pregnancy. It remains to be seen if that will be the case and just how much risk there is.

So, in the spirit of staying ahead of the game, I ask you – What is Baby’s First Gun?

2 thoughts on “And here we go, on another of life’s little adventures

  1. Well, not for a baby, but I think Henry made a small-stock lever action. There’s also a Cricket, which I think was the first rifle for a friend’s daughter many years ago. I have an old Iver Johnson single shot rifle that was marketed as a first rifle, back 50 or 60 years ago. Nothing special but I liked shooting it.

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