Report from the OP, September 11, 2023

It’s time to get back at it. I’m not 100%, but whatever percent I am will have to do.

I’ve said many times that “Collapse is a process” and I firmly believe that. We continue lurching along, from one event/cluster of events to the next, with the trendline bent down toward…something. I can tell you that in my AO, people are plenty pissed about the 2020 Grand Theft Election, the economy, the direction of the country and what they see as the destruction of our culture, but only the barest few are doing anything other than complain. I find that a little frustrating, although I know I shouldn’t.

Getting yourself and your family ready for hard times is something I think we should all do. I don’t believe that everyone ought to prepare as I do, but it strikes me as the worst sort of deliberate ignorance to do nothing at all in the face of the last few years of evidence. If it’s a matter of time, work toward managing your time better so you have the time. If it’s a matter of money, do without a fizzy drink or six and buy a few extra cans of food when you go to the grocery store. If it’s a matter of believing that the government will take care of you, ask the folks in Maui how that worked out for them.

Like I said, I’m a little frustrated watching people dither when the time for resolute action is now.

Globally, things have changed mostly for the worse. The Russia-Ukraine war continues its bloody course toward an end that will see both broken, bloody and battered but still cursing each other’s continued existence. China remains a threat to every nation. I hope their friends are simply “keeping them closer” because as their country starts falling apart they’re likely to lash out at any and everyone within reach. They could do a lot of damage.

I can think of no country on the face of the globe that doesn’t face one or more existential or near-existential threat(s). This may be unprecedented in modern history.

Here in the US, the elite class, the Leftists and the Permanent Administrative Class each continue to play their games, and we watch with disinterest as the thermometer in our pot rises higher and higher. They sabotage our education system, our military, our agricultural establishment, the energy sector, the dollar and all the rest of it and we simply go to the grocery store and grumble at the ever-increasing prices, then stop at the gas station on the way home and are thrilled that the price for regular is down to $3.70/gallon. May God have mercy on us, because reality won’t.

I’ve done all I can do for myself and my family. Of course, there is always more that could be done, but within the limitations of age, physical abilities and funding, I’m pretty much tapped out. There is a small pot of money for any last-minute items that we might be able to do just before the roof caves in, but for the most part, we’re done. Now, I’m working on various projects whose primary cost is my time and attention. Possibly they’ll be helpful.

Locally, gas prices are still stable in that $3.45-$3.70 range. Our propane price didn’t increase on our last year-long purchase agreement. I’m at a loss to explain that. Electricity went up 24% at the last renewal of our equal-pay plan, two months ago. That is because of increased usage and increased prices. Water went up 11%.

Groceries are getting worse every time we go to the store. The one that struck me this time was the price of sugar. We go through quite a bit each summer, feeding the hummingbirds. It went up 44¢ for a 10-pound bag over two weeks. Other items are also going up, but to some extent, I’ve stopped cataloging the increases. You can drive yourself mad like that. But the increase shows up at the end of the month, whether you pay attention or not.

The big housing-go-round may be stuttering a bit. I’m seeing existing “starter homes” staying on the market for more than just a few days, and new ones don’t seem to be snapped up quite so quickly. Big expensive homes are pretty much sitting there, but that’s nothing new. I’m not sure how anyone affords anything that I’ve seen sell, and I expect to see a spike in repossessions in a year or so.

Toys are starting to come up for sale ever faster. If you want a boat, an RV, a classic car or even just an old car that might be a classic someday, they’re available. I think they’re overpriced, but give it time. Desperation will set in, probably after New Year’s. However, I think you’re better off sitting on that cash for a while. Better things will be coming soon.

Wrapping up, let’s talk Wuflu. It’s everywhere around here, but no one seems to be panicking. No idiots running around with masks or disinfecting their hands every 30 seconds. Of course, we’d all do better to practice some of those better hygiene habits we had during the original Wuflu scamdemic. Simple hand-washing goes a long way to promote better health.

The entire family, save Son, has had the Election variant of Wuflu and mostly made it to the other side. Daughter, who was our Patient Zero, has relapsed and probably has pneumonia. She has apparently inherited her Mama’s weak lungs, and this happened the last time she had it. The Things, who were our next infected victims, have bounced back with aplomb. Son-In-Law is also back to normal. Mrs. Freeholder is fighting with Covid Cough and general tiredness, as am I. Getting old isn’t for sissies, indeed.

The biggest surprise was the difference in how the medical profession is handling the situation. They aren’t pushing the dangerous elixers, potions and interventions from the first time around. Nor are you harangued about jabs you don’t want or need. Paxlovid seems to be the nostrum of the day, and despite my misgivings of all things Pfizer, seems to have worked well for those who took it. I stuck with Vitamin I and recovered just as quickly. Hardly a scientific trial, but there it is.

It’s late. Kitties are starting to eye me suspiciously. Litter boxes await my ministrations. And Things show up early so their mother can have a quiet day and hopefully begin rebuilding her strength–again.

1 thought on “Report from the OP, September 11, 2023

  1. I think your commentary is spot-on, especially ‘we watch with disinterest as the temperature in the pot rises.’ Everyone grumbles, but we just keep trudging on and doing what we need to do.
    We are reasonably snug and secure, I think, but age and onset of infirmities is making us take a hard look at what we can manage to do. Changes will need to be made, and those may alter our isolation factor. I just hope for a an acceptable outcome.
    Prices here have been stable, no real upticks lately. The housing market is still hot, high priced, and sales happen quickly. Gas inched up, but our electric rate is going down from last year’s high.
    Southern NH

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