The Wuflu (Election Variant) is in da ho-o-ouse! Daughter got it first, this past Sunday and likely from a coworker who had picked it up in Germany. The Things both got it on Monday morning. Son-In-Law got it Tuesday evening. Mrs. Freeholder was maybe Thursday, Friday for sure. And I woke up today feeling bad and the day has only gotten worse. Son, who has kept his distance for the most part, is still disease-free at this writing.

Symptoms are roughly like a bad case of the flu, minus (mostly) the raging fevers. The Things had those, and they were just pitiful. Much cuddling was called for. However, they shook it off in roughly 3 days. Daughter is back on her feet as is Son-In-Law. Mrs. Freeholder, even with her wrecked lungs, is not quite as sick as I feel, I believe. At the moment, I’m running a mild fever and I feel like I’ve been beaten by every bully in town.

Those who have sought help from the medical professionals have been loaded up on Paxlovid. I have decided to save the $70 copay and the insurance paperwork, use my supplies and work within the FLCCC’s Early Covid Treatment protocol. I’m taking a lot of the supplements anyway, so it’s just a bit more. It also worked last time when the medical professionals sent me home like some sort of misfit because I had Wuflu and had refused their magic elixirs early on. To the best of my knowledge, my blood remains pure and it will stay that way.

Obviously, I was running hard the last few days, and now I’m staggering like an old man. I had wanted to write a Report from the OP, but that’s shelved for the duration. I’ll be back after this latest guy stops beating on me.

3 thoughts on “It’s ba-a-ack

  1. Oh yes. Vitamin I is a major part of the FLCCC Protocol. The fever broke last night, after two doses. Better results, to my knowledge, of anyone else in the family. However, I still feel quite rough. Got the Covid Cough, my ribs are very sore from the coughing, and most everything else is just sore. No appetite. I figure I’ve got another couple of days until I feel decent and can go out in public.

  2. Glad to hear you’ve improved! We’ve had similar results, the cough may linger in a mild form for days. But overall, we see improvement and shorter duration of the virus or cold.

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