Report from the OP, November 22, 2021

In the midst of a Wuflu quarantine, you can’t go out in person and see what’s going on. But the Internet provides.

Mrs. Freeholder is doing much better. While the doc-in-a-box prescribed nothing, her personal doctor gave her advice that is highly similar to that from America’s Frontline Doctors and other sources. Thanks to everyone who has inquired about her progress.

Rising fuel prices have the demand for firewood and woodstoves (and I imagine services such as chimney sweeping, chimney relining and stove installation) are going through the roof.

Food prices are going up, and your Thanksgiving meal is going to cost you moreif you can find a turkey.

In the same vein, if you like a live Christmas tree be prepared to pay up. 10-30% up.

San Francisco’s “flash mob lootings” have moved out of the city and into the suburbs. You expected that the looters would be happy that the stores looted in the city didn’t restock and reopen for their convenience?

I’ve noticed that many people are reluctant to speak out in our current times. They’re afraid for their reputations, their jobs and their families. They speak in a whisper to you about forbidden subjects such as race, because someone may overhear them and the Cancel Culture Mob will come after them. One man says they need to Get Used to the Heat and Get in the Kitchen.

For fun, here’s World War II armor still in service throughout the world. Hey, everything can’t be bad news.

That’s it for now. Out here.

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