Health Wars Episode V: The Yuck Strikes Back

Since I last posted, I’ve gone from feeling better and getting back to it to slowly feeling worse. For the last two days, Mrs. Freeholder has informed me that I was going back to the doc-in-a-box today while I was in the Small City.

Being me, I told her I’d see how I felt this morning. After a nice 7 hour sleep, I woke up feeling almost…decent. I showered and drove to the Small City for my bi-weekly chiropractor appointment. When I arrived, I resolved myself to walking across the parking lot to the doc-in-a-box after the chiropractor. I was wiped.

It’s a good thing I listened to both of us. After a nebulizer treatment and a couple of chest x-rays, the word was bronchial spasms/bronchitis with possibly a side of pneumonia. So much for that jab, too. The radiologist who supports the place was backed up and I still haven’t gotten the official word, the NP who saw me said there was a haze on the “picture”.

Me, I remember before almost all x-rays were digital. I still call them films. And get off my yard!

Levoquin, an albuterol inhaler and some cough potion have finally been filled at the local drug store. I need to go get them.

I’ll be around. Much to say, but later.

Edit, 5/2/2024 1237: Radiologist says “not pneumonia”. That’s a plus. If they had listened harder two weeks ago when I told them this stuff was trying to settle into my chest, we might have avoided this. It might have also avoided the Levoquin–check out the list of fun side effects. Yay me.

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  1. Good gawd, levofloxacin does not play well with others. I hope you improve quickly and the cure doesn’t kill you.

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