Not dead. Absolutely not dead.

But I didn’t realize I’d been silent for two weeks. Time flies when you’re busy.

I have been working on what I hope you’ll find is a meaty and thoughtful post. But I have to concentrate to write well these days, and time, where I can do so, has been the thing I’ve been pushed for. Plus it’s been hard to keep what I’m writing up with current events. Things are starting to move quickly. But I’ll give you the TL;DR version to whet your interest:

Build your monasteries while you may. The darkness is falling.

I spent the morning holding Thing 1, who was in a bad mood because she missed her morning constitutional. That problem has been solved, so now I’m off to mow the yard. If possible, I’m working on that post tonight. I’m about ready to just let the thing fly, finished or not, but that isn’t how I’m wired. Bear with me.

Oh, and I found this for Son-In-Law, who bleeds Milwaukee Red. Daughter found it more humorous than he did.

Of course, my Black-And-Gold disease isn’t all that far behind him.

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