Pardon my absence

I’ve been fighting a(nother) war with the migraines. Winter is usually a bad time, but this winter has been a test. My neurologist and I think we have a regimen (read: yet more drugs) that can keep it under control. For now.

The few good days I’ve had have been devoted to necessary tasks. Unfortunately, the blog doesn’t make that list. If things hold together for a couple more days, I should get back to my usual erratic posting.

2 thoughts on “Pardon my absence

  1. Argh! More drugs!

    One of my sisters-in-law suffers from migraines.

    Check on the intestinal disorders and the cardiac complications…although her one heart attack (age 39) was linked to a new drug her doctor was trying her out on.

    Prayers sent upward on your behalf.


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