Where was Jack when the lights went out?

Probably groping for a flashlight, especially if he wasn’t a prepper.

Ah, but we’re smarter than ol’ Jack. While we may carry a tiny flashlight in our pocket, we’re only going to use it to find our backup lamp, turn it on, and have a few hours of light without any real effort. No battery lanterns, no generators.

Just one of these nifty battery-backed LED lightbulbs. You just unplug the lamp, plug it into a shorting device and you’re back to your normal level of home lighting. I’ve got four 60-watt equivalent ones. I’ve installed two and have two for whenever inspiration hits and I see other lights that should be upgraded.

The bulbs come in a variety of color temperatures. I chose 2700 K because I’m old and I like my lights to have that warm cast that I’ve lived with since birth. They come with a small device you can screw them into that turns them into a hanging light and of course, they can be a flashlight of sorts.

These bulbs claim a 3-4 hour runtime, so I’m expecting more like two. They also claim a 25,000-hour life, but I expect the battery will crap out before that. I’m interested to see how long it holds up.

I’ll be testing them at a future date.

2 thoughts on “Where was Jack when the lights went out?

  1. Interesting concept, thanks for the info. We keep several battery lanterns and solar charge lanterns ready, so I don’t know if these would be good for us. The short life of these bulbs, 2 to 4 hrs, makes me think the lanterns might be better.

  2. Huh. Never heard of such a thing. Thanks for the info/link. You short the blades of the ac plug to enable the LED bulb? That’s a different way of doing things for me!

    I have one solar lantern and one solar/crank/usb lantern sitting on the window ledge while a usb/crank lantern lives next to the bed. Ya can’t hardly have too many off-grid lights.

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