Keeping important drugs cool when the power is out

There are a number of drugs, the most commonly thought of being insulin, that require refrigeration. What do you do if the power is out and you’ve made no other provisions?

Obviously, if you’re a reader here you’ve likely made some preparations before hand if you have this need, but you may have friends of neighbors who haven’t. Now you can help them out without exposing the depth of your preps.

2 thoughts on “Keeping important drugs cool when the power is out

  1. Good info. Thanks. Thank dawg everybody I interface with (sorry, the gin has kicked in)has multiple drugs needs, none of which require a fridge. Yet.

  2. The water temp in my well is 48F year 'round. I'll need: 1) a watertight container that doesn't float, and; 2) 145 feet of light rope. A weighted stainless steel pint bottle probably does #1, but I think I'll dig up some 2" – 2 1/2" diameter thick wall stainless tubing or pipe and get something welded up.

    I suspect someone with access to a supply of stainless pipe scraps and the right welding equipment could make a few bucks at this.

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