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Over the course of years, I’ve collected a lot of files from the Intertubz that can be categorized as survival or prepping information. I’m going to start using them as occasional fillers on days that I simply don’t have much to say. Some of them are still available, such as US Army FMs and TMs, others were gleaned from websites or Usenet groups (Remember misc.survivalism?) that are long since gone.

This one is “101 Less Thought of Items to Stock Before TSHTF”. Some of these, such as photographic equipment, make me shake my head, but I’m leaving them in as they may make more sense to someone else. 

As with most of this stuff, I have no idea where it originally came from. If anyone knows, tell us.

101 Less Thought of Items to Stock Before TSHTF

  1. Shoe and boot laces
  2. T-post fence posts
  3. Fence post driver
  4. Barbed wire and chicken wire fencing
  5. Cloth diapers
  6. Manual egg/batter beaters
  7. Hoyle’s rule book for card games
  8. Dice and playing cards
  9. Safety goggles
  10. Perpetual calendars
  11. Solar powered fence chargers
  12. Crutches and canes-adjustable ones are better
  13. Peat plant pots for starting seedlings
  14. Metal rulers-they last longer
  15. Rain gauge
  16. Barometer
  17. Wind vane
  18. Weather books that show old-fashioned ways to forecast weather
  19. Candle making equipment
  20. Diaper pins
  21. Garden hose repair parts
  22. Cheesecloth
  23. Pea shellers, corn huskers, apple peelers and corers, etc.
  24. Mimeograph machine and supplies
  25. Chalk, erasers and blackboards or blackboard paint
  26. Goo Gone and similar products
  27. Eyeglass repair kits
  28. Canoe, kayak or inflatable raft
  29. Oars/paddles
  30. Life preservers
  31. Tire chains
  32. Pregnancy tests
  33. Neck, elbow, wrist, knee and ankle braces
  34. Canning funnel and jar lifter
  35. Pack saddle for horses/mules
  36. Liquid Smoke flavoring
  37. Powdered lemon and lime juice
  38. Songbooks and simple instruments
  39. Powdered buttermilk
  40. Canning starch
  41. Pet veterinary supplies
  42. Bottle corks of various sizes
  43. Room thermometers
  44. Bags/cloth to use to bag flowers for seed pollination
  45. Clothesline/clothespins
  46. Clothes baskets
  47. Inflatable kiddie pool
  48. Lighter flints
  49. Fountain pens, inkwells and powdered ink
  50. UV and/or security window film
  51. Foam sheets for window insulation
  52. Metal mailboxes
  53. Paintbrushes
  54. Pet carriers
  55. Canvas shopping bags
  56. Posthole digger (and other manual hand tools)
  57. Stovetop waffle makers
  58. Mop wringer
  59. Manual juicer
  60. Measuring cups with engraved markings
  61. Measuring spoons engraved markings
  62. Jar openers
  63. Stovetop popcorn popper
  64. Leather working tools
  65. Disposable ear plugs
  66. Mechanical pencils and spare pencil lead
  67. Folding cloth camping chairs
  68. Microscope and slides
  69. Old time photographic equipment
  70. Manual typewriter
  71. Paper cutter
  72. Manual hair clippers – human and animal
  73. Steam juicers
  74. Slingshot and ammo
  75. Hard hats
  76. Safety vests
  77. Sewing measuring tapes
  78. Velcro
  79. Sewing patterns
  80. Disguised safes (fake drink cans, etc.)
  81. Quit smoking supplies
  82. Tomato powder
  83. Citric acid, pectin and alum for canning
  84. Straight or safety razors
  85. Rennet tablets for cheese-making
  86. Veterinary wrap-can be used for people, too
  87. Autoclave or similar item
  88. Dental mirror
  89. Walkers and toilet risers
  90. Carry yokes-for carrying heavy loads on foot
  91. CLR or simila cleaner
  92. Locks – combination, keyed and other types as needed
  93. Moth balls, cedar balls and smelling salts
  94. China markers/grease pencils
  95. Fly paper
  96. Foam camping pads
  97. Winter hats, scarves, gloves and mittens
  98. Wind up clocks
  99. Vehicle tow straps
  100. Black, brown and dark green paint-camouflage
  101. Steel wool

I’ll add another one-a hi-lift jack. The thing is invaluable for lifting and moving heavy things. But as J. Baldwin said in the Whole Earth Catalog, “Be careful or eat teeth!”

And just to stir up some comments, this would be an excellent post to comment on with your own less thought of items. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Feeling listless?

    1. 81 Quit smoking supplies? Uh, what materials do you need to not do something? Besides, if S truly HTF, you ain't gonna be smokin' cigarettes for very long.

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