There will be a test–soon

These will not be my grandchildren. Not as long as there is breath in my body and fight in my spirit.

I’m finding the Neo-Ciceronian Times to be a veritable font of clear thinking and good writing. This piece is from 2021, and is a worthwhile read. There is no TL;DR version. Read it. Here’s something to whet your appetite:

I would hope that by now, most reasonably intelligent people understand that mainstream media outlets do not exist to inform their consumers, but to transform them. Cathedral sources of (mis)information are there to propagate the narrative that The Powers That Be want you to believe. At every level of a news story, from the basic events themselves to high level critical meta-interpretation, narrative formation is about fitting the story into the greater framework of pre-existing (yet ever evolving) progressive ideological scaffolding. Report or don’t report, which angle to spin, even the specific copypasta used by bot accounts on social media to give the appearance of broad-based support for the narrative – they all are carefully crafted for ideological compliance.

I’ve seen no better, more concise version of what “They” have in mind for us. The specifics of implementation will vary from place to place, but the methodology will be the same. Be ready.

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