The only constant is change

Daughter has lifted her embargo on pictures of the kids on the Intertubz. So here you have Thing 1 on the left and Thing 2 on the right, faces obscured per mom’s request.

We are now on 4 days a week childcare watch. Today was our first day, which went reasonably well, considering they weren’t in their accustomed environment.

Mrs. Freeholder was preparing for the momentous event yesterday, cleaning and dragging out all the baby stuff. The house feels rather more crowded than it has, but if the Feds stage a pre-dawn raid, they’ll be the subject of hilarious photos on the blog with them on the floor, after they’ve tripped over the obstacles.

My time to do the Things That Need Doing has now been reduced significantly. Not the first time. I used to manage this 30 years ago with one kid, now I just have to do it with two. I wonder how much sleep one can lose before the psychotic break occurs?

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