This week’s Woodpile Report is a dandy. Yes, you ought to read it yourself, but I’m going to toss out a few items that I liked in particular.

I’m not sure if you’ve kept up with the information drops by or even heard of the Internet entity known as “Q”. In certain parts of the Internet, there is much speculation on the information being dropped–some of it is pretty much conspiracy theory on steroids. But what if it isn’t, and Q is really someone or a group of people who are in the know of doings so dark that they make the average conspiracy theorist look tame?

Illinois moves toward gun confiscation: a bill introduced in Illinois would attempt to force, probably unsuccessfully if history is any indicator, 18-20 year olds to surrender legally owned “assault rifles”. Lawsuits are likely being prepped in the event of the passage of this affront on the Constitution, but frankly I won’t give them much chance of success, given there is already a national prohibition of the purchase of handguns by 18-20 year olds. I still contend we should raise the age of majority to 21 and allow the Democrats to put their money where their mouths are.

Washington State “extreme risk protection order” law is actually used, by the book, Intertubz loses it’s mind. The Raconteur Report rolls out some  information on why this is not the end of the world for gun rightsand why it may actually be a good thing. I’m willing to let the court case work itself out before calling for everyone to go to the mattresses.

Young socialists in expensive locals are willing to pay old socialist big bucks to be miserable, as long as it’s a comfortable misery. At least that’s how I understand it.

We need to try socialism again, harder, because Trump. Or Whiteness, or some such BS. Personally, I think we need to try a complete societal breakdown. At least we might be able to get away with shooting the damn socialists without legal repercussions.

I’ll stop here, before I just re-link the who thing.

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