It was a dark and stormy night

Boy howdy. Once-Hurricane-and-now-Tropical Depressing Ian has given us a dark and stormy morning, afternoon and evening.According to the weather station in the backyard, it’s rained for 666 minutes (seriously) for a total of 1.40″ so far. I live in the middle of trees, so wind speeds are highly suspect and I don’t believe them. Barometric pressure is 29.628 and falling as the center of circulation approaches. By morning, this is all going to be gone, mostly.

Not to denigrate what has happened elsewhere, but around here this has been at most an inconvenience. I pray that the folks in Puerto Roco, Florida nd South Carolina are doing as well as possible and will recover as quickly as possible.

Mrs. Freeholder made the executive decision that we were not making the 40 minute drive to visit the Things and their parents. Being in the thrall of a nasty migraine, I acquiesced as gracefully as possible.

The Things are jaundiced from the pitocin that was administered to Daughter. They’ve been under the lights all day and have just wound that therapy up. Daughter had some sort of medical issue. Not sure what it was, she told her Mother one thing and me another. This means she doesn’t want us to worry. I suspect we’ll figure it out tomorrow. I’m not expecting her or the Things to be released.

On the whole, all seems to be going about as well as such things will go, given the circumstances. More later.

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