I’ve forgotten how much fun it is having little kids around the house

And I want to emphasize the plural nature of the issue because both grandkids are now cutting teeth.

The amount of drool is stupendous. Even with bibs, we’re changing clothes a few times a day. They don’t like any kind of teething toy yet. They prefer fingers, preferably ours. I keep an extra burp cloth in my pocket so I can wipe off the slobber before I touch anything.

Bless their hearts, they’re cranky. They hurt, and they don’t know why. They just want you to hold them and make it go away. In my day, my parents had paregoric, which they rubbed on my gums. I’m not sure, but I’m betting that would be frowned upon now. Pity, because it worked, or so I was told. We resort to lots of holding and walking and quiet whispering. Acetometipen for the fever. Their sleep is fitful, and they always wake up ill at the world. I’m guessing that we’re in for another week or so of this, then we get a break until the next round. It’s taking both of us to keep up. I did get the trash taken out today. 🙂

But I still love my grandkids.

4 thoughts on “I’ve forgotten how much fun it is having little kids around the house

  1. Would honey work ? I know it has antifungal and antibiotic properties, and Wiki says that was in the original recipe. Don’t know how it works on pain. Any OTC dental gel available?

  2. No honey. It goes down the gullet, and in their undeveloped digestive systems will act as an irritant, so they’ll get the runs. Being under 6 months, nothing OTC without the pediatrician’s approval. That’s been the standard of care for some time now.

    Daughter is big on doing things “the right way”. I keep picking on her by telling her all the things we did to her and her brother when they were infants. My favorite is the flippin’ 4-point racing harnesses in everything from car seats to baby swings. When they were little, we did use the car seats as designed, but on things like swings and high chaires where there was only a lap belt and half the time we didn’t use that. But then again, my Mom smoked when she was pregnant and I drank out of non-NSF approved water hoses, so I’m probably all sorts of brain damaged. 🙂

  3. Oh yeah. I don’t know how we survived our childhood. No seatbelts; seesaws and swings and merry-go-rounds we fell off of; rolling around in the bed of the pickup or back of the station wagon. Climbing trees, crawling under and through brush. I used to ice skate on a swampy bog out in our woods, by myself, sometimes at night. If I had trouble, no one would know for hours. Drank water from a hose, or a pond, or stream. As a teen, I camped out a few times with a friend overnight, a few miles from home, in the woods. No phones then, no adults with us, our parents didn’t know exactly where we were either. It was a much different world.

  4. IIRC, my parents used a bit ow whiskey on their fingertip applied to the gums.

    But then again, I grew up with a 160 IQ, so the alcohol probably affected my developing brain or something….

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