Moving on

Looking for a generic sunrise photo, I was struck at how hard it is to tell a sunrise from a sunset in a photo, but it's so easy in real life.


I was wondering if I was going to get to say that any time soon. But I can, so I will and I have.

The last two days have been an adventure as the medical staff at Mumble-Mumble-Mumble Hospital have worked, sometimes seemingly at cross-purposes, to get Daughter/Mom back on her feet and her blood pressure under control after her bout of preeclampsia. We spent all of Saturday on tenterhooks, waiting to see if she would be discharged. We were going to go visit to cheer her and Son-In-Law up in the case of “not”, but there was a certain amount of dithering on that decision. Finally, time made the decision for us, because we wouldn’t get there before visiting hours were over. I was rather grumpy about that.

However, shortly thereafter we got a text message announcing that they were going to be discharged and would be leaving soon. This was about 8:30 PM. Mrs. Freeholder and I leaped into action and headed to their house. They arrived around 9:30. We had just gotten them in the house and settled when the other set of grandparents arrived. It turns out they were at the hospital and had stopped to get everyone food. It seems that no one had eaten supper-ordered it, but it didn’t arrive in time. I guess the hospital doesn’t do takeaway.

It was fun watching their cats’ first encounters with the infants. If a cat could say “WTF?!?”, they would have. The cats think that bassinettes and car seats are good places to get comfy.

I continue to be mostly left out of the fun of feeding and diapering, but I did get to tuck in my grandaughter Thing 1 for the first time. She’s a precious little Thing. Thing 2 is still a little jaundiced, but was given the green light for his health. I swear, he sounds like a puppy when he sleeps. Daughter says the lactation consultant (where were they when we had kids and problems) said the kid could “latch onto the side of a barn”. I will refrain from describing the video clip that sent running in my brain, but you can probably summon a similar one up for yourself.

Daughter is very sore and her mobility is poor. That’s a c-section and late pregnancy complications for you. She will be on BP meds for at least two months, with some testing to see if she has suffered any long-term effects.

We’ll be leaving shortly. We’re having supper with Son and delivering food to the shut-ins. Plus the Fun Uncle wants to see his niece and nephew for the first time. We’re scheduling introductions somewhat, just to limit the bedlam in the house.

To those of you who have commented, emailed, prayed or some combination of those, I thank you for your concern. It’s much appreciated.

And the adventure continues.

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